2018 Officers

Past Chair: Allison Scott Gordon, University of Kentucky
Allison serves as Past Chair for the 2018 convention. The Past Chair is in charge of the Division Awards (Outstanding Scholar, Brashers Mentor, Outstanding Book, and Outstanding Article). The Past Chair receives the nominations and organizations a committee to review applications. Question for Allison? Email her at

Chair: Norman Wong, University of Oklahoma
Norman serves as Chair for the 2018 convention. The Chair leads the Health Communication Business Meeting. The Chair also serves on the ICA/NCA Abby Prestin Dissertation of the Year Committee and the ICA/NCA Amanda L. Kundrat Thesis of the Year Committee. Question for Norman? Email him at

Vice Chair: Xiaoli Nan, University of Maryland
Xiaoli serves as Vice Chair for the 2018 convention. The Vice Chair plans the conference, handling submissions and slotting papers onto panels. Question for Xiaoli? Email her at

Vice Chair Elect: Jennifer Kam, University of California – Santa Barbara
Jennifer serves as Vice Chair Elect for the 2017 convention. The Vice Chair Elect learns how to plan the conference for the following year (i.e., the 2019 conference). Question for Jennifer? Email her at

Secretary: Matthew Savage, San Diego State University
Matthew serves as the Secretary for the 2018 convention. The Secretary records minutes at each meeting and manages the division listserv. Question for Matthew? Email him at

Graduate Student Representative: Sean Upshaw, University of Utah
Sean serves at the Graduate Student Representative for the 2018 convention. The Graduate Student Representative is a member of the preconference committee, leads the voting at the business meeting, and assists the Vice Chair (as needed). Questions for Sean? Email him at

For a complete list of officer duties and responsibilities, read the division bylaws.

Past Chairs:
2017: Allison Scott Gordon
2016: Elaine Hsieh
2015: Elaine Wittenberg-Lyles
2014: Jakob D. Jensen
2013: Lance Rintimaki
2012: Nichole Egbert
2011: Kami Silk
2010: Susan Morgan
2009: Carma Bylund
2008: Jeffrey Robinson
2007: Ravjiv Rimal
2006: Stephen Haas
2005: Nancy Harrington
2004: Kathryn Green

Past Secretaries:
2015 – 2016: Jennifer Kam
2013 – 2014 : Allison Scott
2011 – 2012: Truman Keys
2009 – 2010: Jakob D. Jensen

Past Graduate Student Reps:
2017: Sarah Parsloe
2016: Elizabeth Glowacki
2015: Kevin K. John
2014: Jenna Reno
2013: Melinda “Mindy” Krakow
2012: Emily A. Raunchier
2011: Terra Moody
2010: LaKesha Anderson
2009: Justin Coran

Business Meeting Minutes: