Because issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) are so crucial to individual and societal well-being, and because our division is committed to understanding and promoting better health outcomes for everyone, we are committed to increasing the representation of underserved populations in all facets within our discipline. As stated by the National Collaborating Centres for Determinants of Health and Health Public Policy, “health is shaped by a multi-dimensional overlapping of factors such as race, class, income, education, age, ability, sexual orientation, immigration status, ethnicity, indigeneity, and geography” (http://nccdh.ca/resources/entry/public-health-speaks-intersectionality-and-health-equity). Thus, we cannot ignore this reality, and we need to take greater steps to acknowledge these factors and integrate them in our scholarship and practices.

Moving forward, we will work to create actionable changes to increase DE&I within our division. Toward this goal, we will review our division’s bylaws and consider ways to eliminate exclusionary practices. We also welcome division members and non-members to offer suggestions for ways to improve our practices to create a culture of DE&I.