A "White Paper" outline "proposals for Community action in a specific area." White Papers are common in policy arenas around the world, and they typically follow "Green Papers." Green Papers introduce an idea, pose a question, or suggest the need for further queries on a particular issue. Both White and Green papers are increasingly common in the Internet age as they can allow organizations to articulate the need for further research or action.

The Health Communication Division is focused, first and foremost, on research and the pedagogical development of scholars. Yet, a secondary goal of our research activities is to construct a knowledge base that could inform larger discussions. As such, the Health Communication Division may find it useful in the years ahead to produce and publish White and Green Papers. Those papers are traditionally posted to an organization's webpage.

Policy discussions aside, the Health Communication Division can also use White and Green Papers to direct/redirect scholars toward meaningful research agendas. No White Papers are currently planned as they typically follow Green Papers. See the call for Green Papers in Communication.