outstanding health communication scholar

The Outstanding Health Communication Scholar Award recognizes a significant and original contribution, in the form of a monograph, book, and/or program of research, to the study and application of the field of Health Communication.

Nomination Criteria: There are five nomination criteria.  The scholar’s work must have:  (a) a significant and long-lasting effect on the field of Health Communication; (b) strong heuristic value; (c) influence over others’ work; (d) originality regarding theory, research, and/or practice; and (e) contributed to the development of Health Communication as a distinct field of study.

Although nominations are open to anyone who has made a significant contribution to the Health Communication field, preference is given to members of ICA’s and NCA’s Health Communication Divisions.  Nomination packets include:  (a) A single, detailed letter of nomination addressing the aforementioned criteria; (b) the scholar’s vita; and (c) the single most influential or representative piece of work from the scholar. Self-nominations are welcome.

Outstanding Health Communication Scholars:

  1. 2016: Seth Noar, University of North Carolina at Chapil Hill
  2. 2015: Susan E. Morgan, University of Miami
  3. 2014: Linda Godbold Kean, East Carolina University
  4. 2013: Michael Slater, Ohio State University
  5. 2012: Charles Salmon, Nanyang Technological University
    2011: Sandi Smith, Michigan State University
    2010: K. “Vish” Vishwanath, Harvard University
    2009: Teresa Thompson, University of Dayton
    2008: Charles K. Atkin, Michigan State University
    2007: Jon F. Nussbaum, Pennsylvania State University
    2006: Donald J. Cegala, Ohio State University
    2005: Barbara F. Sharf, Texas A&M University
    2004: Roxanne Parrott, Pennsylvania State University
    2003: Richard Street, Texas A&M University
    2002: Lewis Donohew, University of Kentucky
    2001: No award given
    2000: Gary Kreps, George Mason University
    1999: Everett Rogers, University of New Mexico
    1998: Vicki S. Freimuth, University of Georgia (first recipient)